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The Full Story


It all started with FAMILY.

When considering the name for our company, I had no shortage of ideas.  Thor Roofing, Built Right Roofing, NOCO Roofs, even America's Best Roofer (don't worry my wife quickly shot that one down). And then I heard a talk by the University of Minnesota's football coach where he described the definition of Family to his football players. It was an acronym: Forget About Me I Love You.

That phrase started everything.  I wanted a name that would embody exactly what our little company was trying to achieve. Forget About Me I Love You. FAMILY.  We wanted to build something that was client first. Where at the end of the job they could look back and say, wow, those guys really took care of us and our home.  If we could have a forget about me attitude and truly love our clients, it would be impossible to fail, and Family Roofing was born. 

This is us

I'm Brian (the tall one). My wife, Kelly and the kids from left to right: Peyton, Emma, Beau and Kamryn.

Yup, that is a lot of girls! 


The roofing industry has gotten a bad name over the last decade. Particularly in high storm areas like Northern Colorado.  Out-of-town roofers, Chuck-in-a trucks, and fly-by nights are a real thing.  I set out to create a homegrown, hometown roofing company that you could know and trust with what is one of the largest expenses you will ever have on your home. 


We had the goal to build the highest quality roof with the very best materials and guarantee that is was done right with "blow your mind" levels of customer service. And we were successful! 

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