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Getting to Know Loveland's Local Craft Beer and Wineries

Loveland, Colorado, is a beautiful city with a bustling craft beer and winery scene. For craft beer enthusiasts, several local breweries offer various craft beers. Learn more here.


For those looking to explore the craft beer scene, local staples include Grimm Brothers Brewing, Crow Hop Brewing, and Big Beaver Brewing Company. Grimm Brothers Brewing is one of the oldest breweries in the city and has a wide variety of beers with a range of styles. From IPAs to Lagers to Stouts, they have something for every craft beer lover. Crow Hop Brewing also offers a large variety of craft beers. If you’re looking for something different, try their unique kettle sours. Big Beaver Brewing Company is the newest brewery in town and is quickly becoming a favorite of local craft beer drinkers. They specialize in Belgian-style ales and offer a variety of unique flavors. Learn more about Hidden Gems in Loveland, CO You, Have to Visit.

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Loveland has a few local wineries that are a must-visit for wine lovers. Helga’s German restaurant, winery, and Perk & Pickle Wine House are local favorites for their excellent wines made from locally grown grapes. Helga’s serves delicious German-style cuisine and hand-crafted wines, while Perk & Pickle offers up their house selections.


Loveland is a fantastic destination for beer and wine lovers alike to explore local craft creation. With so many options available, visitors will discover the perfect craft beer or wine they can enjoy. With a beautiful atmosphere and plenty of delightful beers and wines, Loveland is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves craft beer and wine.

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