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Hidden Gems in Loveland, CO You, Have to Visit

Loveland is a small town nestled just outside the bustling cities of Fort Collins and Denver, boasting unique outdoor attractions, world-class art galleries, and much more. The city is notorious for its hidden gems, providing locals and travelers with great things to do and places to explore. Visit this link for more information.


Here are some hidden gems in Loveland you have to visit during your stay:


The Benson Sculpture Garden is Loveland's oldest and largest outdoor sculpture garden, home to more than 150 colorful sculptures from renowned, internationally recognized sculptors. Visitors can explore the tended gardens and displays, marvel at the details, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. The Benson Sculpture Garden also has a full schedule of activities throughout the year, such as outdoor concerts and art classes for the whole family to enjoy. See here for information about Guide to the Best Restaurants in Loveland, CO.

Colorado Family Roofing - 2.jpg

The Loveland Public Library offers various services and resources for kids and adults alike, from free educational programs to free lending of books, periodicals, magazines, and more. Children can take part in the summer reading program and get access to a large children's section.


The Old Church Shops are located on the Historic Main Street of Loveland in northern Colorado and consist of a selection of great antiques and to-go food stalls with various unique and historical items. Whether searching for a rare find or souvenir or just craving a quick snack, the Old Church Shops has something for everyone.


Discover and explore many hidden gems, from outdoor attractions to art galleries, libraries, and much more. Check out these hidden gems during your stay and explore everything Loveland offers.

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