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Demand Either Courage or Confidence

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Life's successes demand courage or confidence. You don't need both, but you must have one.

Consider when you asked your spouse/significant other out for the first time (or accepted an invitation). You used either courage or confidence. If you lacked the confidence you mustered enough courage to make up for it.

Consider when you walked into your last job interview. What got you the job? what got you into the room? If you break it down elementally, it was either confidence or courage.

People will not follow, listen to, or respect others that do not posses confidence. Confidence is literally the key to success. If you have confidence, you will continue to persist until you win. If you have confidence, you will put yourself into situations that others are just unwilling to put themselves into. Confidence will allow you to climb the tallest peaks, jump off the highest cliffs, succeed where everyone else fails. All it takes is confidence. For those of you, like me, that find confidence lacking, take heart. You can make up for it with courage and nobody will know the difference.

When you courageously walk into the job interview, it looks exactly like confidence. When you start a roofing business, it looks just like confidence. When you courageously ask that girl out, that you know is out of your league, it looks just like confidence.

Courage begets confidence. When you lack in confidence, when you are doubting yourself, when you not only feel like you are going to fail, but everything in your body is telling you will, take courage as a substitute. It will serve you until you find the confidence.

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