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"I hate saving money, I dislike clean air, I'd rather Invest in big power than my home"

There was a time, not too long ago, that I was just like you. I heard people tell me about the "thousands" I could save on solar energy and I'd roll my eyes and say to myself "whatever hippy!" and then I'd go about my day. I will state the obvious and start by saying that I sell solar energy in Colorado, I am biased but I'm also knowledgeable about solar power and I'm a straight shooter, so take 3 minuets to hear me out.

Number 1: You have to pay for electricity. I'm sorry to break the news to you but its not going away, in fact you will likely be using more of it every year, not less. Think about the advent of our technology in the last 5 years alone. Our door locks are smart for Pete Sake! Our watches are connected to the world, nearly every American over the age of 14 has more computing power in their pocket than NASA had when they sent Neil Armstrong to the moon. The amount of electricity in your home will only increase over the next 15 years.

Number 2: Electric cars! They are here and thank goodness! The amount of pollution that will be reduced by the advent of the electric car alone is going to be mind blowing. I won't get into a political debate over man made global warming, but I will go toe to toe with anyone that says they would rather have dirty smog filled skies than beautiful blue ones. Clean, cheap power is a good thing no matter what way you look at it. This does however mean that there will be a dramatic spike on the electric grid in the near future. All of those cars that used to be lining up at the gas station will be plugging in.

Number 3: Americans will be using more electricity, much more, over the next decade. What happens when demand goes up? Price goes up. Many believe a carbon tax will soon be a reality. What happens when the coal powered electric plant has a carbon threshold or a carbon tax? You guessed it, price will go up. Shoot, electric prices are going up without any of these things. 7% a year over the last decade. That's a lot! I'm not an economist but I'm willing to bet that when you place a new tax on an industry that is experiencing rapid demand, it doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to imagine the prices will skyrocket. Excel energy just announced a 14% proposed increase effective 2022. It's going to to go up people, its just a reality.

Ok, so electricity is going to continue to get more expensive, what should we do about it? Da Da Daaaaaaa (dramatic music). Go solar! (big surprise, I know). Hear me out. For 95% of the homes I quote solar energy for, I am able to get them a 100% offset solar energy system for LESS than they are CURENTLY paying in electricity. LESS than they are CURRENTLY paying. I'm not yelling in caps but I kind of am because I can not emphasize it enough. Electricity is going to continue to increase, probably at a higher rate than it is right now. If you could pay less than you are paying now, for the same thing only better and cleaner, why wouldn't you, at a minimum, look into it? I'll tell you why, because I hear them everyday:

1) We will probably be moving in the next 2 to 5 years. Great! So let me give you a year without an electric bill, when you sell the home you either transfer the loan or pay it off with the proceeds of the sale, which by the way, increased your homes value by the same amount or more than the system cost. The 30 year, bullet proof warranty is fully transferable as well. So you get to not only clean up the air with your current home, but you get to clean up the air with your next home when you install solar on that one too! And save money while doing both! PS. You can keep the 26% rebate Uncle Sam dished out.

2) I hear the technology is improving, I think we will just wait a while longer. Yes! The technology gets better every year. Most of it can be retroactive to current solar systems to get more out of the current panels. Do you not buy a new phone when your phone dies because there will be a better one in 5 years? No, you buy the phone and upgrade it when that happens. Do you not buy a new car that has 30 MPG highway because in 5 years it may be 34 MPG? Its flawed thinking. You can clean up the air and save money doing it today!

3) I hate saving money, I dislike clean air, I'd rather pay money to the power company than invest it in my own home. Ok, I don't actually hear this one, but it is what the majority of you are actually saying by doing nothing....You just don't realize it yet.

Thanks for hearing me out! Please give us a call if you are even a little bit interested. Our sales process is as low key as it gets. I just want to see if I can help you out. If it doesn't make sense, no problem, at least we both know. Give us a call at 970-457-6527 or fill out the form below.

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