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Only Love & Hate Will Last

120 years from now, everyone you know, everything you think is important, every problem you have. All of it will be dust and ash.

The businesses we start, that we think are the most important things in the world, they will either be long gone or in the hands of someone that knew not our vision nor our values.

In 120 years, I doubt people will even be hiring roofing contractors anymore. Likely, there will be a new roofing system that will be hail proof, fire proof and time proof.

It is a bit morbid to consider life in 120 years, but what an amazing opportunity to embrace the only things that truly matter. When you really consider it, really take the time to think about all the things you love, work for and hold dear being gone from the earth, it is incredibly freeing. The only thing that matters when you do this is how well are you living your life, what does your creator think when he watches you, and how much love we produce and multiply.

All of the politics, petty arguments, money, power, struggles, feuds. All of it will be dust and ash. Everything except for love and hate will last, because true love and true hate can echo the generations. So choose love.

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Nick Wallis
Nick Wallis
Aug 26, 2023

We as humans have a choice to love or hate, today i choose to love just as you have done to me brian. You believe in me and show me that i am worth it that alone is amazing. These blogs are simply amazing brother and have reached depths that i did not know existed thank you for that.

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