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The Real Tips on SEO...And I'm a Local Roofer!

Updated: Mar 17

All right folks. I'm going to let you all know my take on search, their engines, and how to optimize for them. Pardon me for my not so subtle Roofing Business in Northern Colorado inserts, but I'm multitasking here!

Having spent a considerable amount time in the digital advertising industry, I've seen pretty much every theory on blogging and SEO that has been concocted in the last 10 years. The secret that the agencies don't want you to know is that they don't actually know how to do SEO. They have some theories, but google's primary objective in life is to keep their algorithms a secret. So much so that they change them on average, 2 times a day! I have some theories as well, but again, I'm a Roofing Contractor so this is not gospel.

What do I think the bots are looking for to find a Local Roofing Contractor? At the end of the day, I truly think they are looking for sincerity. Which is why most of this blog will be useless for me, the bots are going to realize its about SEO and not Roofing, but I just can't bring myself to write non-interesting dribble just for the sake of blogging.

What do I mean by sincerity? The content needs to actually help the reader find the information they are searching for. If, for example, I'm searching for: "Roofing Contractors that work with Insurance in Fort Collins" the content needs to actually help them find that. Again, why this blog is useless for me. You see, what I'm doing right now is a terrible example of throwing my keywords onto a page and assuming the robots are dumb enough to not know that I'm stuffing. This is the first mistake most people make. This is how google worked back in 2001, not 2021.

The second mistake most people make is the lack of compelling content. My theory is the seo bots are much more interested in the amount of time people spend on and interact with your page than the actual page itself. So if you're cranking out a blog every week with non-compelling word vomit, you're actually doing more harm than good.

Try to include some media, like this video below showing how Average Joe Roofer loves to cut corners (he's also a Raiders fan).

These videos can be created in about 15 minutes using a service like storyblocks and a $25 professional voiceover from upwork.

It's not necessarily the media that you're wanting, but the stalling of the reader on your page. Again, I believe time on site is the key, as well as interaction.

Try to get your reader to interact with your site, click around after they are done. This shows the bots that not only is the page you had your prospect land on relevant to them, but your entire site is! Take, for example, my blog below about:

The Roofing Industries Dirty Secrets.

Lastly, end with some call to action. After all, you never know which reader will be interested in literally Saving Thousands on Solar Energy or needing a Roofing Contractor.

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