The roofing revolution

Why did we start Family Roofing & Solar?

The roofing industry made me sick to my stomach.

Hi there, my name is Brian and I'm the owner of Family Roofing and Solar. This ugly looking guy to the left is me.

I've been in a lot of industries in my life. Government, Landscaping, Marketing, Construction, and roofing.

The roofing industry, is very similar to a lot of business unfortunately. There is such a need for good roofers but they are just so darn hard to find.

Similar to many other industries, the roofing industry is stuck in the good ol' boy system where everybody does things the same way because that's the way they've always been done. If you haven't gotten a chance to see our page: How the Roofing Industry Works, you should check it out.

Needless to say, roofers just aren't doing it right. I've found, as an entrepreneur for almost a decade now, that most industry problems are easily solvable by eliminating one thing: Overhead and Greed.

Those $100,000 dollar decked out platinum trucks the roofers are driving around in, that's just a few dozen upsold class 4 roofs to them. The vacations to the Virgin Islands the top salesmen go on... Paid for by selling inferior products to collect the end of year bonuses from suppliers. Kind of nauseating isn't it?

Combine this with poor customer service, shady tactics to perform minimum requirements, and then sprinkle in a few straight up crooked businessmen and you've got the roofing industry.

Not anymore! We've created our own blue ocean and there is no need anymore to compete with these shady tactics. Introducing the Integrity Roofing System. Every roof, every time, regardless of what insurance is paying. The integrity roofing system was created to ensure our clients always get a roof that I would put over my own families head. We exhaustively researched and independently tested the best shingles in the world. We met with ventilation suppliers, shingle suppliers, underlayment venders. All in an effort to put together one roofing system that will cut heating and cooling costs as well as stand up to the very toughest weather that Colorado can throw at it.

Class 4 SBS shingles, upgraded ventilation system to help with electric bills, synthetic underlayment, ice and water shield and drip edge to protect the integrity of the home, six nails per shingle to withstand 130 MPH wind, and class 4 hip and ridge. Every roof, every time. No upsells, No bait and switch. Just a high quality roof.

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