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The Attraction of Boedecker Bluff Natural Area in Loveland, CO

Nestled halfway between the Big Thompson and Little Thompson Rivers, Boedecker Bluff Natural Area in Loveland, Colorado, offers a great destination to get back to nature. This beautiful Public Land offers approximately 20 acres of hiking trails and picnic sites, along with rock climbing, bird watching, and fishing. With an array of natural attractions, visitors to Boedecker Bluff Natural Area will have plenty to enjoy while exploring the majestic bluffs and surrounding environment. Learn information about Loveland, CO.

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Boedecker Bluff Natural Area was formed in 1994, and since then, it has been a popular destination for visitors. This small but scenic area located off the intersection of 41st Street and 9th Street is accessible year-round for a variety of recreational activities. The majority of Boedecker Bluff is comprised of colorful sandstone bluffs. These bluffs are the main attraction, making Boedecker Bluff an excellent destination for photographers, rock climbers, and nature lovers alike. Towering above the bluffs is Elephant Rock, which is a great spot for rock climbing and rappelling. More experienced climbers can access the graded routes on Elephant Rock, but even casual climbers can enjoy the spectacular views it offers. The rock faces at Boedecker Bluff offer a variety of climbing options, from easy routes suitable for beginners to more challenging routes for advanced climbers. Discover facts about Devil's Backbone Open Space in Loveland, CO: A Wonderful Place to Visit.

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