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The Main Attraction of Mehaffey Park in Loveland, VA

Mehaffey Park in Loveland, VA, is one of the most beloved recreational areas in the locality, offering an array of attractions and activities to suit all interests. Located just off Interstate 77, it is easy to access and minutes away from nearby shopping centers and attractions. Learn more here.


The park is best known for its picturesque natural settings, which include a pond, wooded trails, and open meadows. As such, it has become a popular spot for walking, jogging, biking, playing sports, and simply relaxing. The wooded trails are also a great way to explore the park's wildlife – visitors can easily spot deer, rabbits, foxes, and a range of interesting birds. The trails are well-maintained and provide lovely views of the surrounding countryside.  Learn more about Boedecker Lake – Mariano Reservoir in Loveland, CO: A Tourist Spot.

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The centerpiece of the park is its four-acre lake – the only natural lake in the entire county. The lake is stocked with carp, bass, trout, and other game fish, making it a great spot for fishing. There is also a sheltered fishing dock, which provides a great place for families to sit back and enjoy the views.


Mehaffey Park is also home to several sports fields, a playground, and a picnic area. A particular draw for younger kids is the free petting zoo, which contains a diverse range of animals. The park also features a few covered pavilions, which are a great place to host a family reunion or other large gatherings.

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