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Introducing the Solar Shingle

That Is Changing Everything

Our latest Case Study:

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Traditional Roof + Solar


System Size: 4.2 KW
Cost of Solar: $26,771*
Cost of Roof: $15,694
Total Cost: $42,465*

Integrated Solar Roof

System Size: 4.4 KW
Total Cost: $24,844*

Savings with Solar Roof: $17,621
25 Year Electrical Savings By Switching To Solar: $21,357

*Prices displayed are after subtracting the federal solar rebate.


The Shingle That Is Revolutionizing Energy as we know it.  

Do solar shingles make sense for me?
Do you need a new roof in the near future?
Do you spend more than $100/mo in electricity?
Would you like to lock in your energy bill for the next 30 years?
If you answered YES to these questions than we should talk about solar shingles

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Fully Integrated Solar Roof


30% Federal Tax Rebate
25 Year payment options
25 Year Solar Production Guarantee
25 year Material and Labor waranty

The average household saves over $37,500 by switching to solar

Talk to an expert by filing out the form or give us a call or text at 970-501-8125

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