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About Us

It all started with FAMILY.

-by Brian Barnes, Founder/Owner

When considering the name for our company, I had no shortage of ideas: "Thor Roofing," "Built Right Roofing," even "America's Best Roofer" (don't worry, my wife quickly shot that one down). And then I heard a talk by the University of Minnesota's football coach where he described the definition of Family to his football players. It was an acronym:

Forget About Me I Love You.

That phrase started everything. I wanted a name that would embody exactly what our company was trying to achieve: Forget About Me I Love You. FAMILY. We wanted to build something that put the client first. Where at the end of the job they could look back and say, "Wow, those guys really took care of us and our home." If we could have a "forget about me" attitude and truly love our clients, it would be impossible to fail. And Colorado Family Roofing was born.

I spent my youth working in construction. In my mid-20s, I began to feel the itch of entrepreneurship and started my first business: LawnPro. For four years, LawnPro consisted of myself, my truck, and a trailer with a few precious pieces of commercial lawn equipment. I started that company with $500 in my bank account, a $5,000 credit card, and a ton of hustle and hard work. LawnPro is where my passion for customer service was born. I had a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and a baby on the way. Every client was precious, and I would bend over backwards to ensure I kept every one of them. That mentality stuck and is the same mentality we bring to this business every single day.

Eventually, I grew tired of the 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. schedule demanded to earn a living in the residential lawn care business. Because of our relentless customer service, we almost never lost a client, and the company had grown to servicing over 130 lawns a week over the five years we were in business. I was fortunate enough to sell that business and begin my next adventure: Marketing.

The corporate world changed me forever. I was hired at a high-profile, high-paced, high-stress marketing agency. For five years, I was in the corporate world and soon began to feel as though I was selling my soul for the almighty dollar. The agency life is hard. A high volume of clients, all small business owners, all pinning their hopes and dreams on your abilities. The clients came in with sky-high expectations from a sales staff desperate for another sale or fearing job loss. Support staff was overloaded, undertrained, and overstressed. Everything revolved around goals and quotas, with little emphasis on doing right by the client. I learned there that employees will always reflect the leaders focus. Our weekly meetings centered almost solely on sales goals, upsells, and how to "save" clients wanting to cancel, neglecting the people we served. Good employees were let go, not because they failed clients, but because prioritizing them didn't always align with sales targets. It was a challenging five years, but the lessons shaped the business owner I would become.

When I founded Colorado Family Roofing, I was determined to wash the stink of the previous five years off by doing the exact opposite. We would do the right thing, no matter the cost. We would not put sales goals or quotas on our reps because we want them to focus on doing the right thing for the customer, not worrying about closing another lead. Insane customer service, building a roof I would want on my own home, shooting people straight, providing insane amounts of value even if our margins were lower than other roofers, being honest at all costs, even if it costs us money, even if it costs us a lot of money, we would always do the right thing...Always.

Forget About Me I Love You.

My Family

I'm Brian (the tall one). My wife Kelly and the kids from left to right: Peyton, Emma, Beau and Kamryn.

Yes, that is a lot of pretty girls! 

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