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Can Roofing Be Done In the Winter In Colorado?

Updated: Apr 20

The quick answer is absolutely yes! In fact, this beautiful roof in the picture above was installed last February in Longmont CO!

The longer answer is, for the most part.

Roofing in the winter time does come with a few limitations but they are easily navigable with the right installation methods and materials. We'll discuss them here below:

  1. Materials: The SBS shingle has really changed the roofing industry as we know it. Most shingle manufacturers have some variation of SBS shingle. Styrene-butadine-styrene (SBS) shingles are made with a polymer-modified asphalt to create stronger, impact-resistant roof shingles. The shingle is not only stronger with the SBS additive, but it is also more pliable. The issue prior to SBS shingles when roofing in the winter was the shingle would crack or break when being nailed down below a certain degree. SBS shingles have changed that and most shingles can now be nailed down at 10 degrees or below!

  2. Weather. Although theses shingles can now withstand getting installed in colder temps, there is still a concern for proper sealing. Asphalt shingles have an adhesive backing in addition to getting nailed down, they are also glued! This backing is activated by heat. The ideal temperature for shingles to adhere to the roof is 40 degrees or above. The good news is, in Colorado, we get plenty of 40 degree days and being that we live in the state with the most days of sun, we also get plenty of sunshine to help with the actual roof temperature. With this, at Colorado Family Roofing, we are confident to install roofs whenever the temperature is forecasted for 40 degrees or more in a 7 day period. The risk a roofer takes when installing in the winter is that the shingle does not fully adhere if installed below 40 degrees and a strong windstorm follow the installation. This could result in shingle blow off, in which case it would fall under the roofers workmanship warranty to correct. Fortunately, at Family Roofing, we have a 10-year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty, so the homeowner is covered either way!

  3. Installation. In situations where the shingle must be installed below 40 degrees, it can still be done correctly and safely. This process involves hand sealing the shingles. This is typically done on the north and west slopes in Colorado where we may get a strong prevailing wind and, in the winter time, the roof temps will be cooler due to shading.

For more information on installing a roof in the winter or any other questions, please feel free to call or text us at: 970-501-8125

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