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How the roofing industry worked...Until now.

How Roofers Got a Bad Name, and How We're Changing It:

The old way: Roofers get you to sign a contract as soon as possible promising that they have a great relationship with (insert your insurance here) but they can only work with them if you sign their contract.

The roofer then sends off your claim to a 3rd party "supplementer" who's only job is to find ways to increase your insurance claim payout. None of which will go to you.  The roofer will then wait for your insurance to approve the supplementers line items before they schedule a date for install.  Most roofers pay no attention to what the supplement actual comes in for, other than the bottom line (money) and the line item that says contractor overhead and profit.  Many roofers will put a stop to the build until insurance agrees to give them overhead and profit.

At that point the roofer will start upselling.  Upselling drip edge, upselling synthetic underlayment, ridge vents and most of all, upselling a class 4 shingle.  Once they get you to go for a class 4 shingle they will upsell you a higher quality class 4 shingle. The list goes on and on. 

Build day: Typically at this point, you are so fed up with the ongoing delays (all of which are blamed on your insurance) you are happy to just get a roof on.  A random roofing crew shows up, most of the time, a different crew than the last one the roofer worked with because they are all sub-contracted.  If all things go well, the roof will get done in a day, but probably not correctly... But then again, its a roof, the client will probably not even go up to check it out.  As long as it looks good from the ground, the job is done!

Our Way

  • We never ask you to sign a contract until everything is squared away and you are ready to move forward.

  • We only supplement items that are code required that your insurance is obligated to pay for and that we are actually going to install on your roof. 

  • We move forward with the build regardless of what insurance is paying or approving because we build a high quality roof every time, regardless of insurance payouts. This includes: Class 4 shingles, upgraded ventilation system, synthetic underlayment, ice & water shield, drip edge, class 4 hip and ridge shingles. 

  • We have one crew. 

  • Every roof undergoes a 15 point inspection. If it's not done right, we get it right. We will never pass a roof that doesn't meet our highest standards.

  • Every build is permitted and inspected by city officials. 

  • We don't cut corners. We have a lifetime workmanship warranty. Cutting corners is not only the wrong thing to do, but it just doesn't make good business sense. 

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